From Day to Night: Enjoying Your Fire Table in All Seasons

Napoleon Nexus Firetable Round in Winter with Hot Chocolates.

Usually when people think about sitting outside by the fire, they think of warm summer nights. However, a fire table can be enjoyed year-round if you prepare a suitable area. This can create some enjoyable chilly nights in early spring and late fall. With a fire table, you can even lounge on serene evenings surrounded by a blanket of snow as you sip on hot chocolate. In this blog we provide some essential design tips and great ideas for how you can enjoy your fire table in all seasons.

The All-Season Incentive of a Fire Table

Fire tables have notable advantages for all-season use. Wood fires can be difficult to start in colder temperatures or wetter weather such as fall or winter. However, fire tables typically run on propane or natural gas via a tank or, more conveniently, an installed gas line. This means they can easily ignite and burn in any season. If you want to enjoy a fire outside all year long, a fire table is a perfect option.

Close to the House (But Not Too Close)

Some like to put their fire table out in the open in the middle of the back yard to recreate the effect of a fire pit. However, a simple way to help you enjoy your fire table every season is to place it closer to your home, preferably on the patio or deck. By being closer, it will be easier to head outside to enjoy the fire table. You won’t need to clear a long path in the snow, and when the evening ends, it’s a quick trip inside. Of course, there is such a thing as too close. Make sure to follow all rules for safe clearance. Moreover, the fire table should never be so close to your home to present a fire risk. You can find the details for clearance in any fire table’s product manual.

Provide a Roof

Building a roof above your fire table will help keep it clean, as well as the area surrounding it for seating. You’re less likely to enjoy it in all seasons if you need to continuously shovel the snow around the table. A roof will help keep the snow off in the winter, as well as other debris like autumn leaves. When designing the roof and its area, be sure to provide proper clearance around and above the fire table. It needs proper space to prevent its heat or exhaust from presenting any safety risks. Good ventilation is also a must.

Use a Fire Table Cover

To further keep your fire table clean and help it weather the harsher seasons like winter, use a fire table cover. For example, Napoleon’s fire tables such as the Kensington, St. Tropez, and Hampton, and Nexus lines have waterproof covers. These keep out snow and debris, so you do not need to clean inside the fire table and it’s ready to use in any season. Simply, place the cover on top when the fire table has cooled down, and quickly remove it when you’re ready to use the table again. The cover will also increase your fire table’s longevity as it provides some extra protection. You can similarly consider all-season outdoor furniture with their own covers.

Enjoy Your Fire Table in Every Season

Fire tables help define those serene summer evenings, but they can make no less memorable nights in every other season, including winter. With these essential design and use considerations for your fire table, you’ll be able to enjoy it all winter long. Come visit one of your locations in Ajax, Scarborough, Toronto, and Whitby to find the perfect fire table. Contact and chat with our expert staff to coordinate your all-season space. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy an outdoor fire throughout the year.


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