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Preserving Fireplace Charm in Historic Homes: Conversion and Restoration

A restore and converted fireplace

Along with the charm and personality, historic homes typically have an old and elegant hearth. However, time can wear on those fireplaces, or they have even become dysfunctional from disuse or renovations by previous owners. However, that doesn’t mean that a fireplace’s time has come to an end. You can rekindle the hearth through fireplace restoration or conversion by certified technicians. Before you decide which is best for your historic home, discover the benefits of conversions and restorations for an old fireplace.

Restoration to Preserve the Old

If previous renovation or the ravages of time haven’t irreparably obstructed or damaged the fire, it can be restored and repaired. Restoration is a great option for reviving the historic hearth and retaining the original home’s fire. To determine whether the fireplace can be restored, have it inspected by a licensed technician and request a service. A certified technician will be able to determine whether and how a fireplace can be restored or if a modified installation is possible. From there, they can help you design your historic hearth. 

Restoring with an Upgrade

Old fireplaces can work well but inherently lack some of the modern features or the latest developments that have improved their efficiency and functionality in more recent decades. It’s also possible that you’re renovating aspects of your historic home to a new or refreshed aesthetic. While you want a fireplace, the old one’s style or condition would heavily contrast with your home’s new look. In either of these cases, a fireplace can be restored with an upgrade or replacement. This will both restore and increase your fireplace’s functionality, while also increasing its longevity with a brand-new fireplace. It’s important to note that upgrading doesn’t have to mean abandoning your home’s historic charm. Many brands, such as Napoleon, feature diverse catalogs that allow you to restore the hearth to your tastes and preferences.

Transform Old into New with Conversions

Fireplace restoration is not the only option for historic homes. If previous construction in the home has filled in the hearth or you would prefer a gas or electric fireplace, a fireplace conversion is an excellent option. Conversions use the existing fireplace footprint in your home to introduce a new and efficient fireplace fully suited to your taste and design preferences. Conversions can even transform an old gas fireplace into a wood-burning fireplace if you prefer to return to a more traditional fire for your historic home. Such conversions can be minimally intrusive thanks to fireplace inserts such as those made by Stuv or Valor. These have a low footprint and can be easily adapted and fitted to the historic home’s hearth. To determine what kind of conversions are possible for your historic home, contact us for an inspection.

Continued Service and Maintenance

No matter whether you choose restoration or conversion to rekindle the fireplace in your historic home, you will want to keep it burning clean and efficiently so that it develops its own long and happy history. The key to a long fireplace life is regular service and maintenance from Classic Fireplace. Be sure to have your restored or converted fireplace serviced at least once annually to keep it operating optimally. 

Don’t Let That Fireplace Become History

Historic homes have a unique charm and character that deserve maintenance and revival. Their fireplaces are no different. Whether you prefer fireplace restoration or conversion, you’ll be reviving a key component of that historic home. When that fire relights, you’ll connect with the countless other families and happy memories that formed around that hearth as you also make your own. If you’re interested in converting or restoring your historic home’s fireplace, be sure to contact Classic Fireplace


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