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The Classic Fireplace Showroom Experience: From Inspiration to Installation

Spencer, one of the Classic Fireplace Team Members welcoming you to the showroom in Ajax.

Choosing a new fireplace for your home is a big decision, but that doesn’t mean it should be an arduous process. At Classic Fireplace, we believe you should look forward to purchasing that new fireplace. As the best fireplace store in Toronto, we’re happy to help you through all the steps, from inspiration to installation. To help make it even easier, we’ll explain the complete experience of shopping for your new fireplace, from your first visit to a showroom to lighting in your home.

The First Steps and Questions

Your Classic Fireplace experience will start when you first walk into one of our fireplace showrooms in Toronto, Ajax, Scarborough and Whitby. You’ll receive a warm welcome from one of our expert team members. The team member will then ask you some questions to get an idea of what exactly you’re looking for or are imagining for your home. These questions also usually help you consider options you might not have known were available. Some of these common questions are:

  • Are you replacing an existing fireplace or starting with a blank wall and putting in a brand-new fireplace?
  • What fuel type are you looking for? Gas, wood, or electric?
  • What is the style and size of fireplace you are looking for?
  • What room are you planning to install the fireplace in? How big is the room?
  • What kind of finishings are you planning for around the fireplace?

Considering Your Options

The answers to these questions help our team narrow down the countless options available. With a few answers, our team members will then take you around the showroom to show you some fireplace options that fit your criteria. Seeing these options in-person helps you get a proper appreciation for how they look and you can start to imagine them in your home. Our team will explain any features or options of each unit. They’ll also give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions of your own. We want to be sure we will help you find the right hearth to perfect your home. 

Finding the One

After a walkthrough of our team’s recommendations, we’ll give you some brochures about the fireplace(s) you’re interested in. Most models come with various options or in different versions, so these let you see all the possibilities available to you. This is also when we provide rough quotes and estimates for the cost of the fireplace and its installation. All these details will help you find and determine that one right fireplace checks all your boxes. If you’re interested, this is also the time to discuss the finishings you may want. You can read more about those further on. 

The Pre-inspection

After you’ve picked that right fireplace, it’s our turn to leave the showroom and visit you. Our team will need to come to your home for a pre-inspection of the installation area. Depending on your excitement and schedule, we can book this right away. You can also take time to think over your options and schedule, and then call us to schedule the inspection when you’ve made your decision. We understand that it can take time to make a choice and a timeslot in your schedule.

The inspection will be conducted by Karen if you booked at the Whitby location or Stephen if you’ve booked at the Ajax, Scarborough, or Toronto locations. They will assess the feasibility and most effective way to accomplish the project. They’ll examine the area, clearance, and determine how venting and a gas line (if necessary) can be run through your home. If necessary, this is also when our team can provide more precise and informed adjustments to the quote. 

Installation and Deposit 

We will then allow you to make the final decision. You can look over the quote and let our team know if you’re ready to add a warm, new hearth to your home. If you are, we’ll schedule an installation with you in the showroom, and you will put down a deposit to secure the fireplace and installation. Both the timeline and deposit amount will vary depending on the brand, product, and installation project. The rest of the balance will not be due until the installation project is 100% complete. Then, you can relax by the beautiful fireside.

What About Finishings?

We also offer finishing services to finalize the fireplace. These finishings can include mantles, tiling, brickwork etc. Finishing services will depend on your preference. In our experience, some customers prefer not to have finishings, while others have their own contractor who will provide the work. If you want us to provide your finishing work, you should mention this in the showroom where we can also explain the options and styles available. During the pre-inspection, we will take photos and measurements to provide a quote for this work. Depending on the job, our team will first come in and do framing before the fireplace is installed. They will then come in after and finish the face of the fireplace, install a mantle, etc.

With You from Inspiration to Installation

Now you should have a good idea of the Classic Fireplace experience and how our team helps you pick and install the right fireplace for your home. It’s a big decision, but we make sure to provide you with all the options and time you need to make an informed choice and find the best fireplace in Toronto and the GTA. Now, the only thing left is to get started. So, visit one of our showrooms in Toronto, Ajax, Scarborough, and Whitby today to see how you can make your home the coziest it can be.


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