Stay Warm & Cozy: Embracing the Magic of Late Summer Evenings with Your Fireplace

Napoleon Riverside in Outdoor Backyard in a Late Summer Evening

When summer turns that August corner, it’s easy to start thinking the sunny season is winding down and it’s time to return to our evenings inside. However, there’s still plenty of summer left and there’s no reason to take your nights indoors in the Fall with an outdoor fireplace. We’ll explain how you can embrace the warm and cozy magic of late summer and autumn evenings with an outdoor fireplace by creating the perfect outdoor space.

An Outdoor Fireplace is a Cozy Focal Point

Whether it’s a crisp summer evening or a chillier autumn night, an outdoor fireplace creates the perfect focal point for gathering in your backyard. The fire’s radiant warmth and ambient light along with the right seating, pillows, and blankets will make every evening outdoors a cozy experience for you, family, and friends. With an outdoor fireplace, your backyard can become an outdoor haven even as temperatures start to drop. If you properly organize your outdoor area around a fireplace, you create a focal point that will last even into Winter and Spring, letting you enjoy the outdoors in ambient warmth all year long.

Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Backyard

Everyone’s backyard is a little unique, so you want to pick an outdoor fireplace that fits both physically and stylistically. When choosing outdoor fireplaces, consider your backyard’s organization, spacing, and the general aesthetic of your home. Envision where the fireplace will sit and how you plan to create a cozy space around it that will function in the summer and chillier evenings of the Fall, Spring, and even Winter. 

Consider the Kind of Fireplace

Be sure to consider whether you want a wood or gas outdoor fireplace. You can go for a wood fireplace which will give you the irreplaceable classic fire crackle and smokey smell, but be sure to maintain a constant supply of firewood. You can also go with the cozy convenience of a gas fireplace with an installed gas line. The Napoleon Riverside series is specifically designed to give you the ambient visual experience of a wood fireplace with the convenience of a remote-controlled flame. They also provide customizations, allowing you to tailor the kind of ceramic wood logs and decorative panels to fit the design of your backyard. 

The Right Design

Of course, you should also consider the space where you want to install the fireplace and its wider structure. Many fireplaces will need to be installed into some kind of structure. At Classic Fireplace, we help you choose, design, and install the perfect outdoor installation for your home. If your backyard has less space for a fireplace, consider a propane fireplace with a lower profile. For example, the wall-mounted Solas Forty6 is a modern and sleek design that needs significantly less space and clearance than a full wood fireplace or some deeper gas fireplaces imitating wood ones. Plus, its modern design features heavy stainless steel and elegant glass. There really is an outdoor experience for any taste.

Making Your Backyard

An outdoor fireplace will certainly be the focal point for your late summer and Autumn evenings outside. However, the fireplace is only part of the experience. Surround the fireplace with cozy chairs and/or outdoor couches at a safe distance for people to recline and cuddle on. Be sure to have extra pillows and blankets to make the complete experience properly warm and cozy. You’ll also want to provide a table so that people can enjoy their cool summer drinks or warm winter drinks around the fire’s ambience. 

Take Back Your Backyard

From its very beginning fire is what allowed humans to fend off cold evenings. Now, outdoor fireplaces let us enjoy those open nights under the stars year-round in comfort. So don’t get disappointed when the second half of summer has come. With the right backyard and outdoor fireplace, you’ll have countless evenings outside in the late summer into the Autumn and beyond. So don’t wait to take back your backyard. Visit one of Classic Fireplace’s showrooms in the GTA. If you have any questions about our installations, our models, or customizations, be sure to contact us.

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