Fireplace Hygge Essentials: A Toronto Winter Survival Guide

Morso 2B Classic fireplace in a home practicing hygge for the winter

While its home might be in Denmark, more and more people in Canada are embracing hygge for the winter. This cozy, contented mood is aligned with a set of practices that often surround the fireplace. We explain what hygge is and how you can bring this Danish philosophy and style into your own home.

What is hygge?

Hygge (pronounced “hyoo-ge”) is both a Danish and Norwegian word. In Norwegian, “hygge” is simply a word for “cozy”. Its etymology is unclear but is often associated with an early Danish word for “comfort” and “joy”. In Denmark, however, it’s a part of cultural identity and style of life that emphasizes feeling cozy and focused on the present. Often the word is translated as “coziness” or “ comfort”, but a more precise translation is a “condition or feeling of well-being (especially: sitting warm and peaceful indoors)”.

That definition more accurately reflects the Danish practices surrounding hygge. It requires a comfortable environment at home. Then, one focuses on the present in quiet rest or working on home crafts like baking or knitting. A key part of hygge is a cozy and snug atmosphere which is usually created with the soothing glow and gentle warmth of a fireplace. One relaxes by the fireside and exists in the moment.

Implementing Hygge in Your Home

Hygge is as much about the space and style as the practice. Busy spaces with lots of noise and distractions are antithetical to hygge. It’s all about less is more. One essential thing you’ll need for adopting hygge into your life is designing a cozy and quiet space around a fireplace. This can be a family room, but you should focus on limiting the stimuli present in the space. TVs, electronic toys, and various devices are entertaining, but they undermine the relaxation and presence that hygge prizes. Instead, you can create another quiet area dedicated to hygge philosophy. This could be a second family room, a living area, or any room where quiet, coziness, and comfort are emphasized. Along with the fireplace, you will want natural to dim lighting, along with couches, lounging chairs, and lots of blankets and pillows. Spaces designed for hygge are also great for having company. The area’s lack of distractions allows everyone to focus on the time they’re spending together in the comfortable atmosphere by the fire.

The Right Fireplace for Hygge

Since it is all about comfort, you don’t want to stress about finding the right fireplace for hygge. Any fireplace that creates a warm space with a gentle glow will provide the proper atmosphere. So, most high-quality fireplaces will suffice. However, if you want full ambiance, the crackle and smell of a wood fireplace or stove will certainly create an optimal hygge environment. Yet, gas and electric fireplaces will provide a no less comfortable space. Visually, rustic styles are common for hygge designs, such as the Napoleon High Country. Stuv and Valor are perfect choices for brands that provide modern designs with traditional influence. If you’re looking for authentic Scandinavian style, Morsø’s stoves come from Denmark and Jotul fireplaces and wood stoves originate in Norway.

Taking Hygge Beyond Winter and the Indoors

It can be easy to think of hygge as an autumn and winter practice focused on the toasty indoors. However, hygge isn’t just at the fireside. It is part of Danish life year-round, even during the bright and hot summers. Hygge regularly extends outside to backyards for light gardening, picnics, and barbecuing. So, if you’re truly wanting to embrace this Danish practice and style, design an outdoor hygge space with a fire table or pit, a BBQ, or even a full outdoor living area or kitchen.

Easy Hygge with Your Fireplace

Hygge isn’t something you should stress over. In fact, it’s entirely antithetical to the concept. So, if you’re looking for the perfect cozy, comfortable, warm, snug, and soothing fireplace for bringing hygge to your home this winter, contact Classic Fireplace or visit one of our showrooms in Ajax, Scarborough, Toronto, or Whitby. It will be the first simple step to enjoying the moment and taking it easy by the fireside.


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